Reflection Week 7 Algorithms and Programming (array)

Before discussing the matter this week, teachers review the previous meeting of the recursion To see the extent of student understanding of recursion. Our examples are given as follows:

if (b = 1) return a
return a + (a, b-1)


suppose a = 3, b = 4
The following are the results if it is described by the table:

but it also contained an example if one variable is negative
let a: 3, and b = -4
so the process can be seen in the following table:

want to regardless of circumstances will not be met, as more down the value of b will be smaller and can not reach b = 1

Other examples are given,

if (b <0) – return a + (a, b +1)

if a = -3 b = -4

after a review of recursive, professor ordered the group to discuss the matter this week that array.

array is a data structure that contains the data type that has the same type. one array is a group of memory-related.

Our group took a sample of student cooperatives.

Input: incoming Kopma buyers.
Process: the buyer to choose foods and beverages to be purchased and paid.
Output: the buyer to enjoy the food they buy in the selected table.

buyers who enter into Kopma buy food and drink is desired,
then after that the buyer pay for it and enjoy the food that has been purchased and occupied a table that has been selected.

Our example uses two arrays, but the index is still not visible. is there anything that can add? 😉


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