Restaurant information system (Task project algorithm and programming)

It is the duty of our group project, which is about the restaurant information system.

Application is made to facilitate customers in ordering Food and Beverage at a restaurant. Customers do not need to record on paper what they are going to the message. With this application the customer can order simply by entering and selecting the menu. Total payments and the menu lists already exist in this application. Here is a look of our application :

main menu

customer menu

menu list

Order menu

that’s part of the application view, if you want to try it you can download here

And do not forget to fill out the following questionnaire so that we can develop our applications. download the questionnaire here.


send the completed questionnaire to the email address kawaii.sofie032 @

thanks πŸ˜€




~ by nuryanisofia on July 1, 2012.

One Response to “Restaurant information system (Task project algorithm and programming)”

  1. aplikasinya bagus.. mungkin lebih di tambahkan lagi lebih banyak fungsi dan sub menunya supaya aplikasinya semakin kompekls.. nice.. (Y)

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